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Located in the North of Portugal in Felgueiras, 40 km from the Oporto  airport in Portugal, Longratex was born from the know-how of a family involved in the clothing business for over 30 years – Longratex, which specializes in the manufacture of baby, children’s and women clothes for the most prestigious brands in the world.

The company’s main markets are the UK, France, Spain, USA and our production capacity exceeds sixty thousand  units per month.

Because we believe in the great dreams of our little ones, we developed the “Spreading Smiles” concept. This Social Responsibility project is our greatest mission today and consists on the donation of a piece of clothing for every 3 pieces sold.

Longratex operates worldwide through a vast network which allows the export of about 85% of clothing .

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Patachou is an accessible luxury children’s fashion brand, which offers clothes and  accessories for babies and children aged 0 to 14. More than that, it is the accomplishment of two entrepreneurial, fashion-loving women, who dream of creating a children’s fashion universe, with classic yet fun proposals, combining exclusive design with  premium raw materials to create a chic and timeless style.

The importance of quality and attention to detail resonate deeply with our vision and  are an integral part of Patachou’s philosophy.

Social responsibility is also one of our company’s core values. Because we believe in  the dreams of our little ones, we have developed the “Spreading Smiles” concept.

This social responsibility project is currently our most important mission, which  consists of a pledge to donate one piece of clothing for every 3 pieces sold.

Sophiaa Club designs effortlessly sophisticated couture for cultured strong-minded women.

Her signature style offers a touch of youthfulness, which is balanced by classic shapes appropriate for any occasion.

Sophia was introduced to the art of crafting garments from a very young age. The days spent in the textile factory founded by her grandmother inspired her to learn techniques that are still applied in the making of her collections. Pure trade secrets, some older than memory itself.

Based in this context a brand was born, made out of a universe that ties in the creativity of a younger generation with the know-how inherited from the older.

Located in Felgueiras, 30 minuts from Oporto Airport, Cristeltex is a company specialize in the manufacture of newborn clothing & nursery products.

Our company is a confection that offers a wide range of high quality products, because of the concept of manufacturing of our products, that it is a commitment between price, quality and service.

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